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Ecovative Products Are Long Overdue

Have you ever thought of how much packing material something as simple as moving consumes? Everything from the styrofoam pellets that we use to protect our glassware, to the thermoformed casing that cradles something like a flat screen television is part of this one day event for us. Afterwards, all of these shock absorbing modern marvels are conveniently thrown away in the trash and are long forgotten by the time your couch and chairs are situated. All of this trash used to end up in landfills or worse yet, in bodies of water where it literally takes thousands of years to be removed from the biosphere. UV radiation, erosion, and animal digestion are usually the ways in which these toxic substances leave our ecosystems. Now, with Ecovative’s mushroom substitutes for packing material the good old processes of decomposition can work their magic. Being derived of completely organic compounds means that instead of going into the trash, these materials can go into the compost pile. Even if they do wind up in a landfill, their lifespan is tens, not thousands of years! This is an invention that should be showing up a lot more in years to come, especially when oil prices spike and it’s no longer easy or cheap to cloak all of modern man’s gadgets with a petroleum byproduct. For more information visit Ecovative’s website at

Ecovative Design

Hopefully The Weatherman Has It All Wrong

Hopefully The Weatherman Has It All Wrong

With water containment being one of the biggest problems for the crippled Fukushima Daiichi power generating station the last thing the world needs is a dozen inches of rain to fall in the area.  Underground hydrology is already moving some 300 tons of groundwater through the area around the reactors daily.  Untold amounts of water falling from the sky in a short time period could prove fatal to the rag-tag system of pumps and makeshift sea walls that were embedded into the ground surrounding the site in the months following the earthquake and tsunami.  We all pray that the storms miss us when we have outdoor events planned, but this is a severely different situation.  Life as we know it may depend on this forecast being wrong, for if too much water falls to be contained and pumped the plan is to let it all run directly into the Pacific Ocean.  Note:  TEPCO has already requested permission to construct a channel to let the “lightly radioactive” water be released into the world’s largest body of water.

Typhoon Man-Yi


Hot Sauce That is Exceptional

Hot Sauce That is Exceptional

I have had the pleasure of serving Coop hot sauce to the patrons at Farmhouse Evanston for some weeks now but it took me until this Saturday to finally try it for myself.  Note:  we exclusively serve this sauce, no others.  This company makes super small batch, incredibly flavorful sauces and a few other items right here in Chicago.  My favorite was a limited batch called Strawbanero.  It contains Fresh, seasonal strawberries from Klug farms and of course, habaneros.  I really had my doubts about how this was going to taste but after a few days of dumping this sauce on my eggs benedict and potatoes I have now found a new favorite.  Like all limited batches, this will run out.  That will upset me greatly, hopefully we can stash a bottle somewhere in the restaurant for safe keeping?  Also check out their bloody mary mix, it’s delicious. 


CO-OP hot sauce


TEPCO Needs Help

If TEPCO doesn’t receive help from the international community than we are all going to be feeling the consequences. Watch this video and take a look at the footage of the buildings and storage tanks. It’s clear that there has never been any real control over this situation.

Japan Apocalypse _DDC3785


I’m Over Metra

I'm Over Metra

After many weeks of the Metra Kenosha line getting me reliably to and from work in Evanston I have to part ways with this marriage of convenience. There was no big falling out or anything, just a realization that we have grown apart. The price was right but the timing has slowly become all wrong. Now that Farmhouse Evanston is cranking into the wee hours of the night there’s just no way to catch the train before 12:58 a.m. to come home, and that’s if I catch it at all! Last night, for the last time I inconvenienced my family and had my brother pick me up from work at 1:15 a.m. We didn’t get home until almost 2:00 a.m. due to a traffic accident on 94, and that’s when I made my mind up. Driving has its costs, there is maintenance, and I’ll need new tires in three or four thousand miles. The ability to make one’s own schedule is far worth these costs and I’ve made up my mind…….good bye Metra

Metra Train



When You Find Yourself Bored Turn to the Original Time Killer

When You Find Yourself Bored Turn to the Original Time Killer This is a website that offers a free platform for playing Pacman until your heart’s content.  For whatever reason this game has never become boring to me even though it is the most monotonous and repetitive game ever invented!  Play now and thank me later…



Not a Hummingbird….a Sphinx Moth

Not a Hummingbird....a Sphinx Moth

The last few nights when I’ve gone out to walk the dog I’ve seen at least a few dozen of these hovering around the flowers in the landscaping. At first they look like humming birds, but they are actually a moth that is quite common. This exact species is called the white-lined sphinx moth and I have no idea how anyone gets a picture of one of these without a high-speed camera. I made several attempts with my phone but I couldn’t get close enough. They are somewhat tame, but the second you get too close they dart away at a pretty impressive speed. If you’d like to know more about these visit the following link.

Privet Hawk moth, Sphinx ligustri

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