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At this point in time a blog seems appropriate. Being a teacher of sorts,conveying information that’s easy to understand is a strong suit of mine. Whenever I’ve wanted to learn about something I’ve always gone so far down the rabbit hole that it has been hard to find my way back! I’ve been around, worked a lot of different types of jobs, and have given up a lot of life in pursuit of happiness (not saying I found it!) Issues that strike a chord with me range from social freedoms, civil liberties or lack there of, our culture’s interconnectedness that leads to disconnects, organic food production, products from nature that replace bad things, and the human struggle. I won’t post useless information, instead I’m hoping that my posts make people think, or inspire them to look for alternative ways of living. Anyone out there who’s aware of peak oil, please follow! I hope not to offend anyone. add another page.

  1. Great Blog Greg! And so nice to hear from you! This year marks our second in our home and the second for our organic vegetable garden…I’d love to pick your brain about all this. Welcome back:)

    • Sure thing, my brain is available for the picking! My number is on my resume, my first post. I have a lot of season extending techniques, that’s key where we live. How big is your space?

      • We have two 4 x 8 beds in the back yard and this year got a 10 x 20 space in the community garden across the street. We want to eventually use this space for a restaurant we are looking to start.

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