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Bitcoin Critics Just Don’t Understand

November 11, 2013

Bitcoin Critics Just Don’t Understand

Along with many others the author of this article is quick to point out the contradictions and fundamental issues your typical traditionalist would have with a new idea.  The whole concept of a digital currency is still in its infancy and I’m sure that the first time a transaction was conducted in paper money rather than a rare metal like silver or gold way back when the person on the receiving end must have wondered if he or she just got screwed.  There are so many things I want to say about this but I’ll keep it short.  Yes, it’s true that right now spending a bitcoin on anything at all would be insane.  The currency’s recent and even annual rate of growth has shown it to be something far more worthy of investing in rather than using as a form of payment.  However, even if this is true the author fails to see that there is no way some bitcoin holders around the globe won’t get broke and begin to use their bitcoin savings accounts to buy things.

Once accepted by larger online retailers like Amazon they will not only skyrocket in value but also be much more liquid and useful.  When traditional businesses take them as payment they could potentially replace a large swath of the paper money supply The Federal Reserve banking system has been used to supplying, regulating, and benefiting from.  This would of course upset the unnatural order of things that we’ve all become accustomed to and might even cause great pain to a lot of folks that have never really done much of anything for anybody.  Financial vampirism is a good term for what we’re stuck in and it fuels all things bad like the inability to clean up Fukushima Daiichi Power generating station and the need for infinite growth paradigm that nuclear energy is such a vital component of.  You CANNOT change anything about the financial doom coming our way, or influence a future worth living for until we gut this thing from the inside and begin to accept things like digital currency as the new way of doing business.  Things that empower consumers and not lenders are very dangerous to the powers that be.  Buy bitcoins even if you can only afford one.  I’ve listed a few links below to a few of the more reputable exchanges.

Bitcoin Accepted Here

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  1. A pallet of $100 bills so as to disappears in vogue Iraq is a socialized loss contrary to all who holds dollars.

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    is something to consider.

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