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I’m Hopeful that I Made a Great Long Term Investment

October 29, 2013

I’m Hopeful that I Made a Great Long Term Investment

The link above is a story that lies somewhere between winning the lottery and finding out your great-aunt left you a million dollars.  Back in 2009 when bitcoin, the crypto currency that liberates consumers from the banking system first came about, a Norwegian man bought $27 worth.  After forgetting about them for almost four years he logged back into his digital wallet and was astonished to see that he now owned 5,000 of them worth an estimated $886,000!  In my opinion he did the right thing by only cashing out one fifth of his incredible investment and buying a very nice apartment.  Some have speculated that bitcoin could become up to ten percent of the global currency market when it reaches its full potential.  If this were to occur one bitcoin could be valued at over $100,000.  I have made the decision to hold onto mine no matter if they crash again or not.  When our out of touch, egotistical, selfish and controlling banking elite fuck things up for good we will see an economic reckoning that no one on earth is ready for.  Putting the power back into the hands of the consumers and away from those who merely move ones and zeros out of thin air is long overdue.  Like anything, there are downsides.  You’ll really have to vet and research someone before transferring money over to them.  I say who cares?  This is the way things always were before the greed took over and might I remind opponents who cite this point that even in the brilliance of the industrial era with all of the regulations and red tape manufacturers had to cut through the law stated to consumers “buyer beware.”

Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine (Photo credit: zcopley)

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