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A Great Synopsis of What We Need To Change

October 11, 2013

Michael Ruppert has become a bullhorn for a number of movements that are all set on waking up those of us that are willing to change in order to ensure our survival.  He is great at connecting the dots and has been involved in everything from peak oil, to anti-nuclear energy movements over the past thirteen years.  Most famously, he narrated and was the basis for the movie “Collapse,” and also has written a book that made it into the Harvard business library titled “Crossing The Rubicon the Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.”  It takes a brave person to admit and realize that our infinite growth paradigm that we’ve all been taught to live in is on a direct collision course with our planet’s finite resources.  It takes an even braver individual to tell people about it in hopes that they come to their senses and start living more sensibly.  There are six billion humans on the planet that did not exist before the rampant usage of fossil fuels, how many of us make it through the decline of this unprecedented energy source is up to us.  I’m not suggesting that we all start living in tents and abandon comforts that have allowed us to flourish like running water, and neither is he.  The more prepared you are, and the more adaptable you become the better your chances are of making it.  Our useless, incapacitated government will not help you, in fact it will allow you to parish as you wait for it to figure out solutions.  Most will not make it, that is the hardest reality to come to terms with.  On bright side, transition towns and localization movements are popping up all over but more needs to be done to ensure that we don’t go the way of the dinosaurs….even they didn’t wipe themselves out!  Your best bet is to develop a relevant skill set, put it into practice, and when the day comes you’ll be useful and ready.  For more information on the transition movement or to somehow get involved visit the following sites…..

Almost Gone!

Transition Handbook

One Comment
  1. I’ll note this for my winter reading! I just think nothing will happen until we’d are truly of oil. Hopefully, after I am oil! Ha!

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