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Tis the Season for Mushroom Hunting

October 9, 2013

This guy in the video finds an immature maitake mushroom on a Northern white oak tree. My next day off when it’s a little cool and wet I’m going out foraging. I know of a spot right down the street from my house with a ton of giant puff-ball which can replace tofu or meat in most stir fry recipes. Always be sure to bring your guide and remember that it doesn’t hurt to ask an expert when foraging for things that could potentially poison you and your dinner guests. I’m hoping that I find some other species of fungi as there are some very old native oaks around and a lot of leaf litter that could be harboring mycelium just waiting to send up a fruiting body. Finding food offered up by nature is so rewarding, just make sure you know what and where you are picking. Wish me luck.

For more information on our local fungi visit:

Giant Maitake Cluster

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