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I Really Miss This Show

October 7, 2013

After the onslaught of “kitchen geniuses” that we’ve seen from the Food Network over the last fifteen years it’s hard to imagine that a show like this ever made it. The chefs are very traditional and always classically trained, the music is something that you might hear while strolling through an art gallery, and at the end of the show you aren’t bombarded by some fake story line where the show host and all of his or her friends the meal is being prepared for laugh away and enjoy it all in a perfect setting. I like this so much better than today’s version. Isn’t it better to watch and learn from a master that put the time in to learn all of the tricks of the trade rather than some housewife of a millionaire that entered a contest and won simply because she was marketable? In today’s world of millisecond attention spans it’s no wonder that people prefer the latter. This series is available in its entirety from, and you can also view some of the clips like this one on their YouTube channel by searching Great Chefs. Enjoy

Great Chefs

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