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Ecovative Products Are Long Overdue

September 19, 2013

Have you ever thought of how much packing material something as simple as moving consumes? Everything from the styrofoam pellets that we use to protect our glassware, to the thermoformed casing that cradles something like a flat screen television is part of this one day event for us. Afterwards, all of these shock absorbing modern marvels are conveniently thrown away in the trash and are long forgotten by the time your couch and chairs are situated. All of this trash used to end up in landfills or worse yet, in bodies of water where it literally takes thousands of years to be removed from the biosphere. UV radiation, erosion, and animal digestion are usually the ways in which these toxic substances leave our ecosystems. Now, with Ecovative’s mushroom substitutes for packing material the good old processes of decomposition can work their magic. Being derived of completely organic compounds means that instead of going into the trash, these materials can go into the compost pile. Even if they do wind up in a landfill, their lifespan is tens, not thousands of years! This is an invention that should be showing up a lot more in years to come, especially when oil prices spike and it’s no longer easy or cheap to cloak all of modern man’s gadgets with a petroleum byproduct. For more information visit Ecovative’s website at

Ecovative Design

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