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Hopefully The Weatherman Has It All Wrong

September 15, 2013

Hopefully The Weatherman Has It All Wrong

With water containment being one of the biggest problems for the crippled Fukushima Daiichi power generating station the last thing the world needs is a dozen inches of rain to fall in the area.  Underground hydrology is already moving some 300 tons of groundwater through the area around the reactors daily.  Untold amounts of water falling from the sky in a short time period could prove fatal to the rag-tag system of pumps and makeshift sea walls that were embedded into the ground surrounding the site in the months following the earthquake and tsunami.  We all pray that the storms miss us when we have outdoor events planned, but this is a severely different situation.  Life as we know it may depend on this forecast being wrong, for if too much water falls to be contained and pumped the plan is to let it all run directly into the Pacific Ocean.  Note:  TEPCO has already requested permission to construct a channel to let the “lightly radioactive” water be released into the world’s largest body of water.

Typhoon Man-Yi

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