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We are Just Seeing the Beginning

August 23, 2013

We are Just Seeing the Beginning

If you haven’t been paying attention to the problems at Fukushima Daiichi’s nuclear power generating station than now would be the time.  As it is, you would be about two and a half years too late but as they say better late than never.  This ongoing ordeal currently has no end in sight and the first effects of radioactive isotopes entering the ocean’s food chain are now plain to see.  This story reports on a study that found all of the same radioactive compounds leaking from the crippled reactors in samples of tissue taken from bluefin tuna.  Yes, your sushi fad is over, deal with it!  Or don’t, and ensure that you will eventually get very sick and die from your fashionable tastes in food.  The next round of sampling is going to take place within a group of tuna that were born on the year of earthquake/tsunami/man-made nuclear disaster and they will be the first to display any abnormalities caused from the radioactive poisoning they incurred.  Also, since tuna are such voracious predators and concentrate any environmental toxins from the ecosystem quickly they may just experience a massive population crash, only time will tell.  Note:  There are twenty-five nuclear reactors within the United States with the exact same design as those that failed at Fukushima, and there are also eight with very similar designs.

radioactive fish


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