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I Did Not Win the Genetic Lottery

August 22, 2013

I Did Not Win the Genetic Lottery

Those of you that know me hear me complain in agony at least once a month about my cervical ribs. These are an extra pair of ribs that come from a genetic anomaly. They can occur at either the top or bottom of the rib cage, and cause extraordinary amounts of pain. My grandfather had these at the bottom of his rib cage, he finally found out he had them after undergoing an MRI to view the progress of his chemotherapy treatments on his bone marrow cancer. I can only assume that I this was passed down to me through genetics as my first physical therapist told me that one in twenty people have these, mine are just in a really bad position. Lucky me! No amount of stretching, massage, ultrasound treatments, and pain medication will make this not hurt. It’s starting to become a serious issue as now I can’t even do push ups without paying for it for three days afterwards. The ribs pictured here are very symmetrical, mine are not. If anyone has any answers, knows someone who’s gone through this, or has a surgeon that they could recommend please let me know as I am beginning to see that my only option is going to be removal.  Just as a warning….do not look up the surgery videos on youtube, they prevented me from taking action for a long time.

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