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Beer Education

August 19, 2013

Beer Education

I’ve had to learn a lot about beer in the last few months for work.  Growing up on Busch light, Miller Lite, Bud light, etc. I never really cared much for drinking.  After enjoying multiple craft beer styles from smaller more quality orientated producers it’s no wonder why!  Let’s just say that my taste buds have been woken up.  After being allowed to taste 36 draft beers that are constantly changing, I’ve realized that beer, like wine is a living breathing thing.  There are so many factors that can be manipulated and tweaked in order to come up with incredibly different flavors that there is no way anyone has tried them all.  I’m grabbing a book today to further my education called “Tasting Beer,” by Randy Mosher.  Here’s a link to it on Amazon ( and I recommend it to anyone interested in this topic.  Something else that I’ve realized at Farmhouse Evanston is that you don’t have to drink to get fall down drunk, at least not every time.

Drinking Problem

Cover of "Tasting Beer: An Insider's Guid...


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