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If You Know What to Look For Wild Foraging Can Be Rewarding

July 31, 2013

If You Know What to Look For Wild Foraging Can Be Rewarding

Watch the video on this link and see how local Chicago comedian Dave Odd has developed a career as a wild forager.  He now has a company called Odd Produce that specializes in wild foraged items, garnish, and a lot of less traditional fare that he finds in the least expected of places.  This is quite inspiring as he literally fell into all of this by accident.  I myself am an amateur forager, but am beginning to take it more seriously.  There are groups for Chicago foraging, mushroom hunters, and a lot of other people who just like to stare at the ground as they walk to see what they can come up with.  I’ve listed a bunch of links below to inspire those of you who wish to partake to find others into this sort of thing.  Getting a good field guide is probably your best bet, and be weary of look a likes that nature has developed for whatever reason.  Right now, there are bushes all over the Chicagoland area that look like raspberries that I’m still trying to identify.  I’ve always called these raspberries since I was a kid, but I’m now finding that they may be wild blackberries or something called wineberries.  Either way, they’re everywhere and very good to eat!  Maybe someone can tell me what these are, they’ve been in season for a couple of weeks now.  Happy hunting….

picking wineberries

  1. Wow meet up groups for this? Fun!

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