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This Should Be Happening In Every Urban Environment

July 30, 2013

Seattle’s Beacon Hill Food Forest will be an incredible development to watch. Food used to be something humans knew how to forage and grow. Now we are far more comfortable grabbing it off a shelf and most members of society think of a farm as a multi-hundred acre monoculture that they pass by on the freeway. This is not how farms have looked for the majority of our agricultural history, just the last eighty years or so.

When I was living in California, there was a group of botanist going around the parks in San Francisco grafting branches of fruit trees onto non-fruiting hybrid varieties planted by the city. There were pears, cherries, and plums to name a few. All of these were considered horticultural marvels as they simply flowered and then failed to produce fruit. What a waste of a tree! Fusing a branch of a true fruiting variety would allow the robust root stocks of the trees originally planted by the municipality to be tricked into diverting energy into an end product that was deemed a hazard. It was a crime to be caught grafting, as fruit that a grafted tree would produce could fall on a sidewalk and form a rotten mess that someone could potentially slip on. I’m glad that somewhere has taken the exact opposite approach and has chosen a sane food policy in a time when there is no real food security.

One Comment
  1. As a wannabe urban forestry management person. Unless these hung over a side walk or other ‘target’ as we call them. .. I would look the other way. ..

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