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While We Are All Slowly Being Poisoned By Fukushima Another Rich Brit Is Born

July 23, 2013

After two years of unreported radiation leaking out into the ocean we are finally getting the real story. The leaks have always been there (no surprise after a giant hydrogen gas explosion blew apart the buildings that housed the reactors,) and now they are growing worse. In this clip Kevin Kamps from tells the tale of recent spikes in the levels of radioactive isotopes cesium, tritium, and strontium. They don’t know where these leaks are occurring, or how to stop them. You should be concerned because once you’ve been exposed there is no way to reverse the effects on your body, and these things tend to hide out in tissue for years raking havoc on your DNA.

These elements will probably exist in the Pacific ecosystem long after we’re gone, and the bioaccumulation in the tissues of larger fish at the top of the food chain will disperse it to our plates. I’d love to see a sample of tissue from a whale or something that lives a long time and eats a lot while migrating around the ocean. My hunch is that these top members of the food chain will slowly disappear because they will be literally concentrating radioactivity in their tissues making them sick. This one’s not going away, and if you want to keep burying your head in the sand thinking that the royal baby is an important world event than go right ahead. That baby is already rich and will get the best medical treatment money can buy if and when it gets sick from this man-made disaster. ******There are no safe levels of radiation********

If you want to try to live a normal lifespan don't eat this.

If you want to try to live a normal lifespan don’t eat this.

  1. I assume farm raised fish is the way to go? I’m glad I like tilapia!

    • Yes, farm raised fish from good sources is they key. I would not eat farm raised fish from Asia, and obviously any ocean going fish farms are basically the same as eating radioactive wild fish. You’ll be fine to eat anything from the ocean in about 160,000 years!

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