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Use Your Aluminum Foil Sparingly…..This is Where it Comes From

July 22, 2013

People throw away soda cans like it’s no big deal and aluminum foil is looked at as an incredibly cheap and disposable material in most kitchens. These items are very cheap for us to purchase at the store, but exert a heavy toll on our earth. Bauxite, the mineral that aluminum products are derived from, is abundant in many soils around the world. It would be hard to convince the companies responsible for the mining activity to shut down in the name of preserving the environment, so it’s up to you and I to use less of this stuff…..a lot less. Note, I feel hypocritical as I was once a beer drinking youth that probably went through more than a few cases of crap beer served right out of a can.

Dead Earth Mask

Dead Earth Mask

One Comment
  1. The death masks reminds me of a Dr. WHO episode. ..

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