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The Artificial Situation

July 18, 2013

All of the printing of paper money has set us on a suicidal economic course. The Federal Reserve and every other central bank around the world have participated in this band aid on a gun shot wound strategy to our economic downturn. This comes as no surprise to Jim Rogers who is one of the only voices of economic reason as far as I’m concerned. What’s scary is that a man who has made so many of the right calls says that he owns the U.S. Dollar not because he believes in it, but because he knows that people flee to it in times of distress. We are in the midst of a global currency war and the Japanese Yen has already collapsed twenty-seven percent from December to May 2013. What Jim didn’t touch on is the fact that like all currencies, the Japanese Yen is tied to energy, and to paraphrase the words of Michael Ruppert, “until you change the relationship between energy and money you change nothing.” I recommend looking into more of what Jim has to say on his YouTube channel. He’s no dummy.

One Comment
  1. I just laugh at the lesson our government is teaching our younglings about fiscal responsibility. Good god, if you don’t have the money for it don’t buy it! Yeah Chicago just got their credit rating dropped again. Wonderful.

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