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Thirteen Minutes of GMO Truth

July 17, 2013

This was the first legitimate, independent study conducted by anyone other than the biotech companies on the affects of genetically modified food. What they found is not shocking, just sickening. Judging from the research it would be safe to say that any studies previously used to promote the safety of these crops by their parent companies have been severely rigged. It’s no coincidence that all of those tests ended at the three-month mark when you see that month four is when the majority of tumors and other problems that ultimately end in the death of the rats fed these diets occur. This research, conducted in secrecy, is groundbreaking and the results need to be broadcasted in any way possible. The methodology is sound, the end results are clear, and I’m not sure if anyone really realizes how widespread and ubiquitous these products have become in the American diet. Do your part and repost this video. For more information on this study visit

Imagine the size of these tumors on a human scale.

Imagine the size of these tumors on a human scale.

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