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The Japanese Economy is On the Brink Collapse! So Close To it That They’ll Do Anything to Fix It.

July 10, 2013

The Japanese Economy is On the Brink Collapse! So Close To it That They’ll Do Anything to Fix It

What is the definition of insanity?  Most would say that it is some version of the following….Doing the same thing over and over again that yields the same results, all of the while expecting something different to happen.  That’s what’s taking place in Japan in regards to their energy supply.  The country’s citizens demanded that the nuclear power generating stations be shut down and they got their wish.  Massive oversights in safety and lack of preparedness for inevitable natural disasters, namely earthquakes and tsunamis, were the primary motivation for this widely used power source to be taken off-line.  The contamination from the March of 2011 meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi power generating station is far from over and is actually getting worse.  TEPCO, the party responsible for the operations at this facility has simply been pooling the water that they’ve been spraying to cool off the fuel rods all around the site.  Currently, they are about to run out of room for storage and are asking permission to build channels that lead directly to the sea in order to dispose of this radioactive water directly into the Pacific ocean.  This has been kept from the world news headlines as the industry that generates power in this manner has a far reach and deep pockets.  Articles like the one I’ve posted above are proof that the problem is getting so bad that they can no longer hide it.

Since this unprecedented move by a modern society to literally take away the life blood of its infinite financial growth there have been some problems.  With no source of hydrocarbon energy readily available within their borders the Japanese have been forced to take delivery of massive amounts of compressed, liquified natural gas (LNG.)  So much so that their increased demand has changed the dynamics of geopolitics as well as the destination of our own domestically derived natural gas.  It seems all of that fracking that’s going on here in the U.S. has produced a glut of LNG and our energy conglomerates are dying to get into foreign markets to get more for their precious commodity.  These difficulties Japan is experiencing are a glimpse into the future of what’s to come for the rest of the world when the hydrocarbons being to run out.  Basically before the upright walking ape known as the homo sapien is expelled by nature, he/she will be forced to pay untold amounts to continue a very comfortable way of life!

Nuclear is a fall back strategy for electricity generation, but only until a flood or earthquake causes another disaster of biblical proportions.  According to peak oil experts like the late Matthew Simmons we have already peaked in liquid crude oil.  LNG and coal are currently abundant, but as we’ve seen with liquid crude there is just no limit to what we’ll consume when given the chance.  These reserves will also run out someday.  Note, there are no sources of alternative energy that will make up for the plethora of products we have at our fingertips, including the very plastic that makes up my keyboard.  The feedstocks for all polymers and many of the other household items you have come to know and love will just not be there even if we were to replace electricity with wind, solar, etc.  Electricity isn’t an energy source, in most cases it’s a byproduct of burning stored energy.  A good analogy for this situation can be found in the human body.  Hydrocarbons could be considered food or calories, and the electricity could be thought of as the components our bodies assemble in order to produce the blood that is flowing through our veins.

It would be nice to think that Japan won’t fire up ALL of their dormant nuclear power plants but the truth is that they are human and flawed with the same selfishness that dwells in all of us.  Their economy is dying due to the increased cost of power, and no infinite growth loving nation could possibly let that happen while there’s still fuel to burn.  When the nine biggest regional utility companies in a country report combined losses of almost sixteen billion dollars something has to give.  Unfortunately, what’s going to move ahead is only a temporary fix for them.  If at any time in the next lifetime the earth begins to shake somewhere near Japan there will be more radiation unleashed on the planet than ever before.  No form of life besides certain fungi, and we hypothesize, bacteria are adapted to live amongst high concentrations of radioactivity.  Unless our DNA finds a way to evolve this could and probably will be our undoing.  For now, the only choices we have control of are for the most part inconsequential to the greater health of the globe.  I can choose to never eat seafood again (especially out of the Pacific Ocean,) however I won’t be accomplishing much other than saving myself from SOME of the exposure that has occurred from this nuclear catastrophe.  The Southern hemisphere has been talked about as a possible safe haven, but that’s a big move.  More to follow…..

Liquified Natural Gas Tanker

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Nuclear power plant symbol

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