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Mislabeling damages consumer trust in seafood

July 9, 2013

This does happen in the U.S. and probably a lot more than seven percent. The restaurant I work at sources everything from as local a source as possible. You would think that since we are a mere mile from Lake Michigan that we would obtain our perch for the fish and chips dish right from our backyard. However, according to our chef, studies done on lake perch sixteen miles off the shore had heavy levels of mercury and other substances that shouldn’t be in the food chain. In order to combat this problem we obtain all of our seafood, or lake food as I would call it, from two different aquaculture facilities. This way, we don’t have to worry about some giant distributer trying to pawn off harmful and possibly mislabeled food to us. Such integrity is rare, and only exist when you shorten the supply chain to the plate.

The Coastal House reports:

The deliberate mislabelling of seafood has the potential to damage an industry valued for its quality and sustainability.

Recent press coverage of this issue in the U.K. has raised concerns that weakly enforced supply-chain safety rules and rogue suppliers could have a negative effect on consumer trust, something that would have a direct impact on restaurant sales.

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