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Time Lapse Giant Pumpkin

July 1, 2013

The new world record giant pumpkin last year came in at 2009 lbs. This one in the video ends up being a minuscule in comparison 450lbs, but as they say size isn’t everything! I’ve always wanted to grow an atlantic giant like this but you need a lot of space and time to take care of them. The average vine of a champion takes up something like 2,000-3,000 square feet, that’s more than six times the space of what most people consider to be a large garden. They require canopies, planning for maneuverability, and at least a couple of hours of your time per day. It’s funny watching people carve the giants, they usually need chainsaws to get through the rind that ends up being nearly a foot thick. What a cool hobby.

Wish I  knew how to do this.

Wish I had knew how to do this.

Multiple pumpkins (possibly other varieties as...

Multiple pumpkins (possibly other varieties as well) at a weigh-off in California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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