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Good Synopsis of Why Eric Snowden Is Front Page News All Over the Globe

June 28, 2013

Storm clouds gathering couldn’t have done a better job on this one. What Eric Snowden told the world has been common knowledge for a decade now, the problem is that most of our population has been to busy with more important things to notice. Our domestic spying operation is a huge insult to our founding principles and all of us should take offense. What I like about this video is that it points out that the people perpetrating Snowden as a traitor who’s guilty of espionage and treason are in fact, the real criminals! They have their motives and they center around a global war that is about to take place for purposes of resource extraction from Iran. Presently, they are the biggest threat to the dollar as they advocate the use of other forms of payment for the black gold lying under their feet. If it weren’t for their allies, China and Russia, we would have already been there with an Iraq style invasion. Because of the layout of global politics at this point our corporate fueled dictators have to tread carefully, and knock Iran’s most powerful arab ally off the table, Syria. We’re gearing up for war, don’t be as surprised by that as most of you are by the “revelations” Eric Snowden has brought to light!

It sure looks like they are really "Saber Rattling" as our media likes to put it....that was sarcasm

It sure looks like they are really “Saber Rattling” as our media likes to put it….that was sarcasm

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  1. I’ll admit I’ve not totally understood the ramifications of what he did. I think this needs to be severely dumbed down for me.. Can you accommodate? I do understand that our county spies on us, that is a ‘no duh’. =-) Thanks!!

    • Basically he revealed that our government is without warrants, listening to and recording all kinds of electronic communications. He also revealed that the NSA is building a large storage facility in the middle of nowhere Utah to house a nearly unlimited data cache which will contain every email you’ve ever sent, every text, all your banking, google searches, facebook posts, and basically anything electronic you’ve ever done. The problem with this is that this was not new news and has been being talked about for the last ten years. He just gave us some current specifics we may not have had.

      The current focus on him is being carried out by those that have a lot to gain from keeping you, me, and everyone else distracted with just such a case. “He’s a traitor….has commited treason!” The truth is that the men crafting these media messages are responsible for the very programs he’s exposed which violate all of our constitutional rights. They should be in jail, not him! As the video points out, this is all a convenient cover for them as they gear up for another expansion of our war in the Middle East. It all boils down to us needing their fossil fuels for our way of life to continue on. This is real, and if you would like a good read that covers all angles of the issues we’re currently experiencing I would recommend this book by Michael Ruppert….”Crossing the Rubicon, The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil” It’s long, very packed with research and evidence, and if you can get through it without being angry than you’re a better human than me!

      • Thank you for explaining it to me!
        I think we (the smart ones) knew this was happening, but had no proof. Welp, I guess we do now. I think that is why I wasn’t paying all that much attention to it until it was unavoidable not to, i.e. it was being reported everywhere. I always thought I was missing something, as I know all my info is being collected, sorted, mulled-over & judged. This is why I opt-out of as much as I can, use pseudonyms, don’t sync with google, no photos of me, or exact location information. Google ‘clearly’ states it will turn itself on when you are not using it. So it truly is no surprise to me the government is doing it. Yes, I blog, but it’s a fairly tame topic…
        Yeah, reading a book like that would just stress me out. Sometimes I do like to be in la-la land, and believe everything is going to be ok. My government said so. =-)

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