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Justice Is Served!

June 26, 2013

I’ve never understood why some feel compelled to hurt children, I have even less understanding for those that choose to sexually assault them. There is no rehabilitation for pedophiles and if they knew that they could get away with their crimes forever they would just keep doing it. You can’t help these people because they can’t even help themselves. A few years back I had the misfortune of dealing with just such an individual at the front door of my girlfriend’s house. He chose to come back to the house five times in three days with a story that he wanted to paint our house.

The house we lived in was mostly brick, the parts that weren’t were made of aluminum siding. He watched my girlfriend walk the dog than leave for work, after which he came to the door about a half hour later (I was out of town.) Innocently, one of her children opened the door and unknowingly allowed this creep to size up the situation. He specifically asked if any parents were home, saw that there were two young children ages eleven and thirteen, than said he’d be back. He came back again later that afternoon but they didn’t answer the door.

Sensing something was wrong when he arrived for the third time the next day the children alerted their mother at work. He tried to jiggle the door handle and see if it would open this time! She immediately called the police but these were kids, and their recollection and descriptions were pretty useless as far as law enforcement was concerned. I arrived home later that day and all of us felt a little safer. The next day, he showed up again, not expecting an adult to answer the door, he seemed flustered. He was really nervous, asked me if we needed our house painted and I responded with, “Since when do people paint bricks?” He didn’t have an answer, back pedaled toward the driveway and gave me a bunch of stuttering and mumbling that didn’t make any sense. Needless to say, the kids were right, this guy had bad intentions and it was obvious by how scared he seemed when it wasn’t just kids at the door this time. Being there myself, I got his license plate, make and model of the car, and was able to force a first name out of him whether it was real or not.

Now I’m not sure about this, but he might have thought I was just a tradesman doing work on the home. I drive a pickup truck that was parked in the driveway and I was in work clothes as the plan that afternoon was to clean the gutters. I contacted police with my information, they told me the car was registered to a business in Waukegan, IL. Okay, at least it was documented. He obviously still had some doubt as to whether I lived there or not as later that afternoon when I was up on a ladder he made his fifth and final pass by the house. This time, he didn’t stop in the driveway, he parked on the street and when I locked eyes with him he looked away. I went inside to grab my cell and call the police and when I got back outside he was leaving the neighbors house. After all he is a painter right? Well why just approach these two houses on this one street? Especially being that this house was also made of brick and this guy was supposedly an exterior painter.

I yelled at him to as he was getting into his car and he sped away. After talking to the neighbors they said that he didn’t even ring the doorbell, they said that he just walked up to the porch looked in the window and turned around. My theory has always been that when he saw me he tried to appear normal, like a person trying to generate business who was working in the area. The police called the business, and his story was pretty weak as I suspected. He tried to say that he was working on a home in our neighborhood and that he was dropping off business cards. Where were the cards? When he was asked the address of the place he had been working he didn’t have a response.

Now this guy didn’t actually commit a crime but I’m almost sure that he would have. His whole demeanor just seemed off, and this whole incident proved to me that instincts are powerful tools if you listen to them. The father in this video didn’t have the chance I had to step in and prevent something wrong from taking place. When he found out that his son was sexually abused by his own martial arts instructor something in him snapped. This is what should happen to those who take advantage of those that can’t help themselves. Gun advocate or not, you have to agree that this is a plate full justice!

From → For Good Health

  1. I feel this way about animals also.
    What a creep! This is again why I think everyone should own a gun. The police never get anywhere in time.

  2. Creep for sure…

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