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Even In Lake Forest Word About The Government Spying On Its Own Citizens Is Out

June 25, 2013

Even In Lake Forest Word About The Government Spying On Its Own Citizens Is Out

Edward Snowden is now an enemy of the state because he exposed our government’s insane amount of data gathering that they seem to be conducting on all of us. The program he shed light on is most likely an evolution of PROMIS, a project known only amongst the “inner circle” of the intelligence services for decades. PRISM, the current program, is a clandestine national security electronic surveillance program operated by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) since at least 2007. Regardless of whose interests Edward Snowden is really serving he has definitely rocked the boat. Some think he’s an agent of change put to work from within….possibly two warring factions of our out of control military industrial complex are fighting for control of things most of us are unaware of or just don’t understand? The very best case scenario is that he is who he says he is, a government contracted employee who grew a conscious about the rules and rights he was violating that form the very fabric of what we all believe to be America. It’s up for debate, and that is the only thing that is clear.

While walking my dog a few days ago I was forced to take a detour due to road and curb construction. Deviating from my normal route isn’t something I really like doing as I know the exact distance of our stroll. When I glanced up at 165 E. Deerpath Rd. in Lake Forest I saw this anarchist graffiti. Either someone wants to spread awareness about programs like PRISM, or they have it in for whoever owns this building. I’ve been looking into it, and what I’ve found so far is that the building used to be owned by AT&T and Illinois Bell, obviously associated with the telecommunications industry. I am curious and want to investigate this more thoroughly to follow-up on this post. Was it young vandals or an agent of change spreading awareness? The building has no signage other than private property and no trespassing. It’s very unassuming and would be the perfect place to conduct shady business. I guess it’s no longer a secret that we’re all being watched. The question is by who exactly?  To be continued……

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