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The Media Warps Every Situation Into a Dichotomy

June 24, 2013

I am not a Tea Party supporter…..I am not a Republican….and I’m certainly not a Democrat!  If you are one that listens and takes to heart the messages that come out of the flat screen box with talking heads in your living room than you are told about your choices. The social conditioning that takes place from this “pick a side” type of message is sickening. It robs us of any real choice in all matters, and usually results in the uneducated masses just regurgitating things that they’ve heard on television. This is the way the people in control of crafting the messages want it and their minions are very good at choosing the information that is presented to you so that it can be molded into a dichotomous choice.

I chose this specific video for this post because it clearly shows a CNN reporter picking and choosing a few selected individuals to feature, and also how she labels them as conservative right off the bat. After the aired segment ends and the network news cameras stop rolling you can see that there are plenty of people in this crowd that want nothing to do with picking a side. They are simply at this event to show their support for the end of the Federal Reserve banking system that is engineered to produce crash after crash, eventually ending when the petrochemicals that back our dollar dwindle into the abyss. My point is, form your own thoughts after doing your own research. You’ll quickly find that there are many different choices, and many different ways of life. I for one hope to get out of the infinite growth mentality the first chance I get, and that means dropping out of the fake economy and producing goods that all humans will actually need to survive and flourish. This is a growing movement that is taking hold because the way we’re doing things isn’t working.  If it were, people wouldn’t be so angry.

CNN Crap News Network

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