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Fascism 2.0 and Preparing for Energy/Climate Chaos

June 24, 2013

I wonder if there will be anywhere you cannot be spied on in twenty years? That is if our government stays together in one piece long enough to solidify the apparatus of tyranny…….

I see you

I see you

Collapse of Industrial Civilization

tumblr_lo1rmahIl61qd9fdwo1_500With the infrastructure of America still scoring a “D+” by the American Society of Civil Engineers and needing $3.6 trillion in maintenance repairs by 2020, I find it ironic we are now going to spend $30 billion to militarize the U.S./Mexico border by adding tens of thousands of agents, hundreds of miles of fencing, and of course more surveillance equipment. An additional irony is that illegal immigration from Mexico is the lowest it has been in decades. Both these contradictions make it clear this militarization of the border is just another extension of America’s surveillance and security complex.

What Are We Protecting?

America’s once prosperous middle class was put on the chopping block decades ago by the corporate elite who have looked overseas for profits from cheap labor and the expanding middle class of developing countries like China. As of today, the U.S. middle class now ranks 27th in the…

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