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BP’s Energy Outlook Is Missing a Few Things

June 21, 2013

This video is funny if you’re informed, and a source of hope if you’re still worshiping the throne of infinite growth. BP predicts that by 2030 we’ll be meeting 99% or our energy needs in America through domestic production. This is supposed to happen because of a boom in renewables we’re supposedly going to experience, and our lead role in natural gas production which they carefully call “shale gas.” The term they avoided like the plague in this propaganda video was fracking, a highly controversial practice that at best pollutes our groundwater and communities, at worst is an inefficient energy intensive process with minimal gains. read more here

The next irresponsible claim they make is that our economy will experience 56% growth during this same time period over the next 17 years. How? The world’s human population currently needs three earths in order to sustain the suicidal path we’re on, and no amount of “shale gas” or “tight oil” is going to change any of that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. How can we experience this growth with a finite, limited amount of resources? Also, how can we expect that all of this change is actually going to happen? As stated in the link above, the energy industry will delay any sort of change as long as possible so that they can keep making their numbers. There’s almost no incentive to heavily invest in the renewables they claim will be our savior because changing and overhauling our current system would be a global effort requiring massive amounts of investment from many different sources.

If you don’t believe that all they care about is their stock price and bottom line look no further than the way that they handled the deepwater horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The “clean up” being conducted is and has been nothing more than a cover up. The more oil they prevented from rising to the surface or washing ashore, the less they had to pay out in reparations. This was why corexit was injected into the destroyed well head and sprayed as an aerosol onto the ocean’s surface. If this company actually cared about fixing anything there they would be bankrupt. Matthew Simmons, a renowned critic of this industry reported just days before his death on this very cover up. He had estimated that so much oil had been released that to clean it all up would take every drop of profit off their books. Later that week he drowned in his hot tub.

There has to be someone besides me calling bullshit on this. I don’t have the voice or means to spread the message to anyone other than the few of you who read my posts, and if you give a damn you can tell others about the massive deception that has crept into every corner of our society The oil is running out, that is the real reason that we are seeking these used to be impossible sources of energy out that just decades ago were thought of as too costly. The Saudis are investing in natural gas and nuclear energy, and we are going after the tight oil and shale gas through fracking. Waiting until the bitter end to change will surely mean that most of us will perish, we all better figure out alternative solutions for ourselves while the pipes are still flowing!

Good work scumbags!

Good work scumbags!

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    • Check out the movie collapse if you would like to know about the true impact resource depletion will have on our way of life. Michael Ruppert is featured in the film, although he makes no money off of it. However, he has written a book that made it into the Harvard School of Business Library called “Crossing the Rubicon The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.” This is an all inclusive snapshot of the deception and lies we are told to keep this thing going. It can’t and won’t last forever.

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