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This Is What You Get When You Place Infinite Economic Growth Above All Else

June 20, 2013

This Is What You Get When You Place Infinite Economic Growth Above All Else

Here’s what all of that development gets you!  What’s Indonesia going to have left when the forest are all burned up?  It will most likely have a large, lifeless expanse of what used to be on of the most ecologically diverse rainforest on the planet.  Maybe they’ll save some of it, but probably not.  Here’s one of the more heartbreaking examples of the losses nature is incurring.  Singapore is

So what’s being done about this at a local level?  Pointing fingers, because just like here, when something environmentally unsavory gets in the way of economics, fighting ensues.  Read this excerpt from the article and you’ll see what I mean.

“No country or corporation has the right to pollute the air at the expense of Singaporeans’ health and well-being,” Vivian Balakrishnan, Singapore’s environment minister, said in calling for Indonesian action to curb the fires.

Indonesian officials say Malaysia and Singapore deserve part of the blame because their companies control many of the palm oil plantations where the burning takes place.  

This is the equivalent of a company like BP complaining about carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.  Below are some of the real victims of this situation.  They were never asked about being evicted or how they felt about the haze from the forest fires.

Orangutan Rescue



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  1. I couldn’t watch the video. I can’t afford to be crying all day at work. ..

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