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Self Sustaining Feed For Your Fish or Chicken Farm

June 19, 2013

I’ve always wondered how one would be able to raise a reliable source of protein if or when TEOTWAKI sets in (the end of the world as we know it.) This is the answer, and although it may look incredibly disgusting these black soldier fly larvae here in coercion with redworms could replace all commercial feed regimens in an aquaponic or chicken raising operation. One of the prohibitively expensive costs of any kind of farming is of course the feed for the animals. The more scarce and expensive oil becomes, the higher the costs of the feed that is all in some way derived from fossil fuel based farming and transport systems. Not to mention that the vast majority of grain based feed for animals like chickens and livestock comes from GMO crops which have recently been linked to heavy inflammation in the stomachs of pigs in an Australian study. Would you want to eat an animal that had basically been poisoned it’s entire existence?

The main benefit is that by using a system like this to produce food for you animals you in turn close the loop and make relocalization efforts more successful. These larvae do quite well so long as there is ample heat and organic matter to lay their eggs into. A greenhouse setting anywhere in the continental U.S. would be sufficient, however the breeding activity may slow a bit in the winter months. I guess as a last resort one could actually eat the larvae themselves. This practice of consuming insects for protein is highly frowned upon in the West, but in other parts of the world this has been one of the only reliable sources of protein available. For now, I’d plan on feeding them to fish or chickens unless they were my last option. Just imagine a larvae shake or maggot burger and you can start to imagine what psychological barriers one would have to overcome.

They can be ordered here from The Phoenix Worm Store. Happy farming.

I think the only thing they might not eat is McDonald's!

I think the only thing they might not eat is McDonald’s!

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  1. They don’t eat McD’s cuz it ain’t food. =)

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