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Here Are The Plans for Us Written By The People Telling Us Everything Is OK

June 15, 2013

Here Are The Plans for Us Written By The People Telling Us Everything Is OK

As resources dwindle, our climate swings wildly out of control, and you decide to adapt or change the status quo to survive you will be fighting more than mother nature.  Over the past decade, and especially the last few years, we have seen an erosion of our rights, the merging and coercion of government agencies, and the growth of the police state.  I always get asked the question, “Why would they want to spy on us?”  Followed up by, Who Cares!  I’ve got nothing to hide!”  That may be true in the world we’re told we live in today.  A world where BP has a PR presence so strong that I get sponsored links on my twitter page about the bullshit energy outlook they have for the next fifty years.  In contrast, the horrors of resource depletion and the damage we’ve done to our planet will begin to materialize and the impact of all these moves our government has made will become clear and present.

What they are doing is planning on a large scale fight with their own citizens.  They know it’s inevitable, and if  you read the article above that connects a lot of the dots than you will too.  What does everything on earth do right before it passes on?  It struggles, tries to defend itself from whatever the cause of its demise, and may even take insane detrimental actions in order to preserve even just a few more instants of life which it has here.  It’s a commonality all things share from viruses and bacteria, all of the way up to the governing structures of complex civilizations run by organisms that became so smart they found multiple ways to destroy themselves (i.e. homo sapiens.)  In the name of terrorism we have allowed the corporate energy and military infrastructure to more or less make their own rules in all corners of the globe.  The consequences seem insignificant for now, but that’s because the crash hasn’t hit outside your door yet.  Below is an excerpt from the article titled, “Pentagon Bracing for Public Dissent Over Climate and Energy Shocks.”

It seems that the same people telling us that we are the greatest country to ever exist are very scared of what we’ll do with our backs pushed against a wall.  So much so that they have to spy on us to find out who to target when the shit hits the fan.  This isn’t anything new, their were reports as early as 2004 detailing the massive amount of data collection agencies like the NSA were conducting on every day Americans.  Than as now, the oil is still flowing, the dollar reigns supreme, and it feels like tomorrow will happen just as today did.  This is the lie that we all live in called the global economy.  The fact is that the U.S. government and for that matter all Western nations have had it very good and that is why the people will be in such shock when someone turns off the tap or the damage we’ve done catches up to us.  They, us, you, me, will all lash out and if those in power stand a chance of holding onto the reigns they need ultimate powers of control, mainly in the form of military interaction.  The quotes listed in the link are not from media outlets, they are sourced from reports that government dollars went to funding and if that doesn’t scare you or wake you up than you are beyond help.  Self sufficiency and localization will be your only weapons, it’s doubtful that any uprisings wouldn’t be crushed with brute force.  Below is some of the information that jumped out at me.

“That year, the Pentagon had begun developing a 20,000 strong troop force who would be on-hand to respond to “domestic catastrophes” and civil unrest – the programme was reportedly based on a 2005 homeland security strategy which emphasised “preparing for multiple, simultaneous mass casualty incidents.”

The following year, a US Army-funded RAND Corp study called for a US force presence specifically to deal with civil unrest.

Such fears were further solidified in a detailed 2010 study by the US Joint Forces Command – designed to inform “joint concept development and experimentation throughout the Department of Defense” – setting out the US military’s definitive vision for future trends and potential global threats. Climate change, the study said, would lead to increased risk of:

“… tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural catastrophes… Furthermore, if such a catastrophe occurs within the United States itself – particularly when the nation’s economy is in a fragile state or where US military bases or key civilian infrastructure are broadly affected – the damage to US security could be considerable.”

The study also warned of a possible shortfall in global oil output by 2015:

“A severe energy crunch is inevitable without a massive expansion of production and refining capacity. While it is difficult to predict precisely what economic, political, and strategic effects such a shortfall might produce, it surely would reduce the prospects for growth in both the developing and developed worlds. Such an economic slowdown would exacerbate other unresolved tensions.”

That year the DoD’s Quadrennial Defense Review seconded such concerns, while recognising that “climate change, energy security, and economic stability are inextricably linked.”

Also in 2010, the Pentagon ran war games to explore the implications of “large scale economic breakdown” in the US impacting on food supplies and other essential services, as well as how to maintain “domestic order amid civil unrest.””

Coming soon to a city near you

Coming soon to a city near you

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