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The Truth Lies Within

June 13, 2013

I’m not a super spiritual guy but in the kind of world we live in today I like others have sought answers that encompass more than what we’ve learned in the last three hundred years. As humans, we have a tendency to see everything through our eyes while ignoring the obvious connections between us and our environment, our environment and the planet, our planet and the universe and so on. Maybe that is why it has been so easy for us in Western culture to destroy in the name of profit. When you look at the current idea of what profit is you can start to understand what I mean here. Quick gains that benefit someone in the near term by allowing them to purchase toys that rust out in half a lifetime of sitting in the driveway would be a good example of success through profit. What do these material objects really do for the people that buy them? How do they benefit anyone, especially future inhabitants of this place in the longterm?

Manufacturing “stuff” does create jobs and provides fake paper money to someone that needs to pay their bills. This unfortunate construct of the infinite growth paradigm is our current reality. Beyond that, it simply ties us to the now while allowing us to put off later for later. Detaching oneself from the economy is difficult, but some I know that have “dropped out” seem to have achieved happiness on a different plane that the rest of us can’t see. The pineal gland might be a tool that can give all of us a glimpse at this reality that’s lying right beneath the surface.

There are techniques other cultures use to activate this organ. There are monks that chant at certain frequencies that are said to vibrate this organ, allowing it to release DMT, a psychoactive substance that may be responsible for the visions some see during deep meditation. So are these visions merely hallucinations or are they messages from a reality we choose to ignore? There is a lot of research on this, too much for a blog posting in my opinion, but I encourage anyone reading this to look into this topic. I’ve found a lot of studies linking the global elite’s introduction of fluoride in our tap water to motivations to “calcify” this gland in order to blind us and render this tool useless. You be the judge of that, and for now enjoy this video.

I want to open my third eye to truly see.

I want to open my third eye to truly see.

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    GREat article. I had classes in psychometry – third eye readings- very real – very physical activity. Your body even feels kind of quesy after assessing if you are not properly “grounded”/ look up Mr. head video from Americas got talent….j

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    special head you tube

  3. Great post! I agree! I’ve become less materialistic as I get older. I get too tired and frustrated trying to take care of the stupid stuff I own. I have days I just want to pack up the RV and dissappear! How hard could it be? Hmmm. My OCD tells me I need just a tad bit more planning to pull this off, but it will happen one o these days!

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