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If This Is What the Greatest Minds On Earth Have Come Up With What Does It Say About Our Current State Of Affairs?

June 10, 2013

After I saw a news story on the company Planetary Resources, INC. I became curious. This brought up a glimmer of hope in my mind for a few minutes. I thought, “What if we could grab up resources from the heavens? Could it save us in time before our way of life disappears forever?” While I have to give them credit for trying, and do in some small way hope that they succeed, the reality is that we’re ignoring that we have trashed the place we currently dwell in. Yes, our way of life may continue for an instant in time longer than it would have. However, unless they succeed at colonizing another planet we are going to run into the same problems of ecosystem crashes from the exact same causes. Bringing foreign objects into our sphere may have some quick, short term benefits, but what about the unforeseen consequences?

What if they find hydrocarbons? Can we introduce more of these compounds into our world in any sort of responsible manner? I would answer not likely, as we’ve just passed a critical benchmark of 350 ppm of CO2 in our atmosphere with no end in sight. In 2008, the beginning year of the “great recession,” our species still managed to increased our global carbon emissions by twelve percent! Developing nations want to develop and we can’t stop that unless there are less of us. Infinite growth to increase GDP will just keep rolling.

Planetary Resources INC. is also searching for heavy metals. This might present a different problem. Won’t discovering more of a rare element eliminate the very scarcity that gives the materials its intrinsic value? Hard to wrap your head around I know, I’ve been thinking about this all day. Finding water in the form of ice would be a good thing, but hardly worth the resource expenditures that would take place to achieve this goal. That would be some of the most expensive water to ever run through pipes and I think we’d fare better by using what we have more efficiently. It would be interesting to see this company have even a minor success but I just can’t see this as the way we make it. We’re still trying to invent our way out of the finite resource box! Maybe they’ll prove me wrong and in a couple hundred years there will be humans navigating the stars settling new worlds. For more information on this company you can visit the link below.

Burning the Midnight Oil!

Burning the Midnight Oil!

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