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30 Year NSA Veteran William Binney Says We’re No Safer with Massive Collections of Data Currently Being Carried Out

June 10, 2013

30 Year NSA Veteran William Binney Says We’re No Safer with Massive Collections of Data Currently Being Carried Out

In light of the recent revelations from former CIA and NSA contracted computer programmer Edward Snowden, another whistleblower from the past is also speaking out.  It’s clear that our constitution is officially meaningless now, all in the name of counter terrorism.  William Binney quit the NSA in 2001 after he saw massive, useless infringements of our rights taking place.  To put his words simply, the more data you collect the harder it is to find what you are looking for.  Like all parts of the government associated with intelligence and homeland security, the budget of the NSA has swelled over the last decade.  If you know how government works than you understand that they have to use all of this money, otherwise next year they will be allocated less.  William Binney claims that he proposed a $250,000 system that would have been more effective at sorting out phone calls to terrorist cells in the United States than the multi-billion dollar data mining projects currently going on.  This fell on def ears, and as usual in the infinite growth driven society we live in, if it doesn’t waste a ton of money and resources than it isn’t worth doing!

The best part is that we are paying for all of this.  Yes, you and me have to pay taxes so that our own government can build massive facilities in the middle of nowhere Utah and every phone call and text we make, no matter how insignificant, is stored and can be listened to at a future date.  The police state is alive and well, and just because we now know about this “used to be secret” facility in Utah doesn’t mean that the projects will stop.  It also doesn’t mean that there aren’t places like this that we still don’t know about.

Here is the link to an NBC nightly news story that gives both Edward Snowden’s and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s take on the current story.  To paraphrase, Clapper states that this type of surveillance isn’t going on, and that it is very hard to do.  Later in his interview he says that this man has done a lot of damage to our national security.  How so if this isn’t going on?  Of course, the dog and pony show will now begin and Snowden will be another Bradley Manning or Julian Assange seeking refuge in some sympathetic nation where he needs to remain in the public light to avoid assassination.  The Department of Justice is currently seeking criminal charges against Edward Snowden, I’m really not surprised.  The biggest joke of the whole matter might be that a “secret court” meets every three months to review and decide on the justification of the surveillance that’s been going on.  I wonder why it has to be in secret if there’s no rights being violated.  Our government hasn’t cared what the people want for a long time now.

Here is where your data will be stored and collected.  Glad you're paying for this?

Here is where your data will be stored and collected. Glad you’re paying for this?

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