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The Real Costs of the Oil Coming Out of Alberta

June 9, 2013

We have become so disconnected from what’s right. How can anyone be ok with this? Burning enough natural gas to heat three million homes a day just to heat up the water to process the tar. Also, this process is already using more water per year than the city of Calgary. How much energy could we really be extracting when you have to expend so much to get it out of the ground? Short term gains are the modo of our industrial economy and the only reason we’ve even gone after a source of oil this hard to extract is because we are running out. It’s all down hill from here and we’re doing so much damage that there won’t be anywhere to escape what we’ve done. All of the green technology out there can’t and won’t do squat! We’re not innovating ourselves out of this one.

Which side would you rather be on?

Which side would you rather be on?

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