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Cobia Spear Fishing

June 9, 2013

At work we started offering Cobia on the new special menu. It is probably one of the only wild caught fish that I would deem responsible to dine on. Being that it is a newly offered species in most restaurants, it has enjoyed very little pressure from overfishing, and has actually been a common bycatch victim of sport anglers. Cobia are showing great potential in aquaculture which may be the only thing that eventually saves this species from us. If the farming goes well they stand a great chance of avoiding overfishing unlike the other pelagics (mahi mahi, sword fish, white marlin, blue marlin, tuna, mackerel.) Bringing a solid, domesticated supply online now will prevent the need to go out and pillage the ocean of yet another great species.

Being a pelagic means that they prefer to constantly swim in the open water. They’re commonly found following sharks and fishing vessels as featured in this video. If you have the stones to get in the water with a school of bull sharks to go spear fishing for your dinner than in my opinion you earned it. The flesh is somewhat dark when fresh, and as it cooks becomes a lighter white color. It has a flavor profile that’s somewhat like Coho Salmon but curiously contains almost no omega 3’s. I think it goes well with just about anything and can be flavored with whatever marinade you happen to be craving. A great substitute for the extremely overfished Chilean Sea Bass.  For more information on sourcing, preparation, and culture of the Cobia please visit the link below.


Cobia are known to be parasitic in nature especially when young.

Cobia are known to be parasitic in nature especially when young.


  1. I remember when sea bass was called ‘poor man’s lobster’. Gesh, not anymore! Lobster is cheaper! I hope it comes to my market soon for me to try. Sadly, there’s not many varieties of fish I like. Well, sushi is an exception. That’s for the info!

    • This is a good one and a lot of the info. I found online says it is going to be the next tilapia. The Chinese are throwing a lot of investment into the aquaculture of Cobia so the availability will inevitably increase.

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