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Citizen Peng is my Hero

June 7, 2013

This guy built his entire aquaponic green house by hand with no help, and mostly out of recycled materials.  He is living proof that it can be done, that anyone can become self sufficient.  With innovation, and a lot of patience and know how one can prevail so long as the set up is right. Imagine what he could have done with a bit of help.  He states in the video that he uses about five hundred watts per hour to pump the water around.  That may sound like a lot, but when you consider that a refrigerator uses around six hundred watts per hour it really gives his usage some perspective.  Check out the following chart of house hold items and how much wattage they use.  I’m sure someone as handy as Citizen Peng could figure out how to harvest that much energy from solar and wind at a moderate to low cost.  Anyone interested in this type of design or aquaponics in general should follow him on youtube.  Search Citizen Peng and you’ll find his entire build out and maintenance documented in full.  Very cool guy, he’ll make it when it all falls apart.

One Comment
  1. Manuel Grimaud permalink

    Yes Citizen Peng is my hero too. Am following his progress closely as i am setting up an aquaponics farm in Spain. I like the fact that he is not selling anything and is sooooo easy to follow. I like the citizen bit too…. makes one feel like being in a community.
    Call me citizen Manuel. Thanks Citizen Peng

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