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Somewhere In New Mexico Before The End of Time

June 5, 2013

Somewhere In New Mexico Before The End of Time

Finally, my DVD I ordered a few weeks back showed up!  It was not any surprise to me that the film’s message was a dire one.  There are and will be more signs from our environment that things are changing for the worse due to unsustainable growth at the expense of the earth.  Like Guy McPherson, I too mourned when I first learned of this concept.  It’s a hard one to swallow when you realize that every purchase you’ve ever made, every thought you’ve ever had about having flash or material items was in direct conflict with reality.  This reality is finite resources, and most have never given consideration to the existence of this truth.  It is real, and it is a present problem now that we’re dealing with like idiots.

To paraphrase Guy McPherson, he concludes that every person living the way we live is in fact insane.  We have overshot all of the parameters that our planet provided for some sort of symbiotic relationship that we may have had with it long ago.  The model of resource extraction and utilization on an industrial scale really only made sense until sometime right after World War II.  Beyond that point in time the sheer numbers of humans living above the earth’s means became too great to sustain and even at those numbers would have bankrupted our resources, just at a slower pace.  When pondering the issues one has to ask whether there are any solutions?

Some of the transition communities in the desert that are featured in the film would tell you there are.  Living smaller, wiser, and with less impact is about the best chance you will have of making it whether our decline comes now or in fifty years.  Water is a key component, followed by food, shelter, and the ability to have some sort of human experience with a group.  One cannot do it alone, and why would you want to?  There are things these folks have given up.  They aren’t close to malls, or movie theaters.  I’m not even sure that some of them had the internet, a vital component of my life and how I’m choosing to convey this very information you’re reading right now.  One thing is apparent from their way of life, and that is that they are happy.

There weren’t any complainers or people doing nothing with themselves.  Cooking a meal on a wood fired stove is a project that takes a little more time than most micro-moms nowadays would be willing to put in.  Things might not be so convenient, but that’s all a state of mind.  Obesity was non existent in the groups, as was restricted thinking.  These human beings had more freedom than most of us have ever experienced, and they appreciated it.  Watching this movie brought me back to my days on the farm where the fresh air, physical work, and connectedness to the land brought about the best mental health I’ve ever felt.  Contrast that to my time in corporate America and I can’t tell you how miserable I was.  Between the bad food, unrewarding work, constraining schedules, and overall collective misery that you could feel just walking in the office I feel lucky to have enjoyed a good chunk of my life.

The irony is that if we all “transitioned” at this point in time to this healthier way of living, this too would drive us into near term extinction.  There are just too many of us, and there just isn’t enough land or space for everyone to get their piece of the pie.  I guess you could call me a prepper, a conspiracy theorist, or whatever term you’d like to label me as.  That’s all good with me, just don’t come looking for me if the shit does hit the fan sometime soon.  If there is time, I plan on joining a transition town or starting my own.  Here is a good link for anyone that is interested.  Happy hump day!  If anyone would like to borrow the movie please feel free to contact me.  I’m not interested in taking money out of the pockets of the film makers, just trying to open your minds.

This is what everyone's yard should look like.

This is what everyone’s yard should look like.

  1. Very interesting post. I’m not ready to move to the boonies yet, but my yard does look like that :-). I really like the heart shaped beds!
    Us humans are taxing Mother Earth’s resources, big time. I’m glad I didn’t procreate, I don’t have to worry about the big mess I’m leaving for my kids to live in.

    • I feel the same. There are plenty of people here already that are and will be available to form deep, meaningful relationships with.

  2. david permalink

    Hi greg, ordered this dvd from michael sosebee’s website weeks ago, and have not received it, and he doesnt answer my emails. Are you still offering the dvd to be borrowed, I would be interested. thanks, david

    • Hi David, it’s out on loan at the moment. How many times have you tried him? I corresponded with him twice before I received my copy, if you haven’t heard back from him by the time I get mine back I’ll let you know and I can send it to you. I’ll talk to you soon.


      • david permalink

        thanks greg, He initially responded to me right after I ordered it 2 weeks ago, and then Ive emailed him 3 or 4 times since then and no response, I ordered a separate copy because I thought he may have sent it to the wrong address, but now I think he just hasnt sent it after reading your posts, I will let you know if I still havent received it, do you ship to california for loans? thanks again, David

  3. david permalink

    Hi greg, I have made contact with michael through facebook, and he said they were sent, so should be all clear, thanks for responding,

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