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When You Gotta’ Go You Gotta’ Go!

June 2, 2013

I’ve seen these clips on a few social media sites but this is the first time I’ve seen them all edited together. As a guy, I’ve always felt lucky that I could urinate in places that were not always meant for urinating (i.e. trees, off the back of a boat, etc.) The male anatomy is much more suited for this type of action than the female which is why I think the funniest clips on here are of the girls caught in the act. It’s astounding that the man behind the camera was able to capture this many people using the bathroom in an undesignated place. This must have been something that went on for years or at least months as he had time to become creative enough to install a remote control shower head to blast the perpetrators with water while they peed. If you want something to laugh about all day long please take four and one half minutes to watch this clip. His commentary on a few of the videos is priceless. Enjoy!

Dragon Hostel Toilet/shower

Dragon Hostel Toilet/shower (Photo credit: Tracy Hunter)

One Comment
  1. Ha! That was funny! Wrigleyville has a huge problem with peeps peeing everywhere after the Cubs games. Maybe this is a solution. 🙂

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