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Still Believe the Official Reports?

June 2, 2013

Here’s some of the pressing issues of today from a different perspective. If you believe official versions of everything you hear just because an elected official or someone associated with the police state told you so than please, don’t watch this. It may offend you or cause you to think for a minute about what you’re told about the state of affairs on a daily basis. I’ve never seen this footage of the Boston bombing suspect number one being hauled away in handcuffs, have you? If you’re questioning the validity of the link I listed above than ask yourself the following question. Why would a camera man working for a major network give a narrative to a reporter about what he saw and filmed that wasn’t true? What would he have to gain? The official version of events surrounding suspect number one’s arrest and eventual death were so far from what this man states in the video that it’s hard to believe they are talking about the same person.

I thought he was shot by police and run over by his fleeing brother? How did Tamerlan Tsarnaev go from naked in hand cuffs to mutilated on a slab for display? In the weeks since this event took place I’ve thought it was strange how the younger Tsarnaev brother got away from a literal army of police officers, and maybe you will too after looking into this a little further. There are plenty of other issues to worry about but a cover up of some sort has been in the making for quite some time now and maybe, just maybe we will get to find out some bit of truth if enough of us wake up.

From → Prison State, War

  1. It’s hard to believe anything anyone says anymore, especially anyone in government. Ironically, the link for the video said it was down. .. another cover up? Or just bad cell service?

    • I tried the link just now and it appears to be working. It’s an annoying occurrence when a youtube video is unavailable.

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