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Murdered for Telling the Truth

May 31, 2013

Matthew Simmons is the man who broke the news on the Saudi oil fraud that has been taking place for some forty years now. He was a powerful, successful investor not a quack. Although some of his predictions have been off in their scope of timing, they are very relevant and accurate as far as eventual outcomes go. Very powerful people who have managed to convince us all that the presence of fossil fuels remain in great abundance had a lot to lose from his commentary. His book, “Twilight In the Desert: The coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy” tells the tale of a massive overstatement of estimated oil reserves that lie beneath the Saudi desert, and how this fraud has been propping up the petro dollar aka the U.S. dollar since the nineteen seventies. This lie has also allowed the entire world to maintain a business as usual attitude about blowing through resources at unprecedented rates, in turn creating economic growth.

When he began breaking the news on the true impact of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico he had caused too much harm to BP’s reputation for his own good. If what he was saying about BP covering up this catastrophe proved true the oil giant would have most likely been held accountable for the worst environmental disaster in history. It certainly is the largest cover up of an environmental disaster and he like many of the Gulf residents paid with his life. It’s widely believed amongst those that study conspiracy theories and cover ups that his accidental drowning in his hot tub just doesn’t smell right. It came at such a critical time in the developments of this disaster that I just can’t see any other possible reason for his death other than murder for silence.  This was a brilliant mind with a loud voice that we’ll never get to hear again. What a shame.

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