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More of a Question than a Post…Would You Buy a User Friendly Square Onion Before a Traditionally Shaped Round One?

May 30, 2013

The non-user friendly version we’re all used to seeing.

I have a break through with an idea I’ve seen as useful for quite some time now.  I’ll admit it plays on those that aren’t kitchen savvy, and judging from the American diet that’s a lot of you.  Have those of you that fall into that category ever had to cut an onion for any reason at all?  If you’re not familiar with the safest way of dissecting this eye burning vegetable you’ve probably had some trouble with them.  Of course, people in the know go right to cutting off the ends, than halving the onion.  This way you get at least one flat surface to rest on the cutting board.  However, what you gain in safety you loose in presentation with a plate full of half circle slices.

Well what if the whole idea of a round onion was turned upside down and you could buy a square, blocked shaped onion that rested easy on all four sides?  For the average person this may save a statistically small amount of time spent on an emergency room visit, but for those clumsy few it may save them thousands of dollars and multiple hours in such a situation.  Chopping onions was mentioned as the most likely kitchen calamity in a broader list which named knives as number five of the top ten most dangerous items in your home by (here is the link to the story .)  I personally know two people that have had ER visits take place on cooking holidays like Thanksgiving.  Be it inexperience, a dull blade, or a lack of coordination from too much alcohol I have to say I think this idea is better than some much more useless things we as a society gobble up daily.

My intention here is not to ridicule anyone.  I’m merely trying to see if the experimental onions I’m growing will be of use to any of you out there who have no knack for the kitchen or a primal fear of sharp objects known as aichmophobia. I also believe that I can pack a lot more onions in a breathable box than the traditionally space inefficient mesh bags we’re all used to seeing.  This could save a lot in fuel for wholesale shippers, equating to a smaller burden on our fossil fuels which are dwindling faster than we ever imagined.  Please comment and let me know what you think.  I’m not going to show any pictures of how I’m doing what I’m doing because I will be patenting this process if it works out the way I hope.  For now it’s just the feedback I’m looking for.     Thanks for reading.


  1. joyce jensen permalink

    Are they both organic/ don’t want tL think the Square is genetically modified/ Love the square if healthy

    Sent from my iPhone Please pardon any iPhone typos Thank you

    • Why would I have anything to do with genetically modified crops? Of course they’re both organic, this type of cultivation could be applied to conventional or organic production.

  2. I’ve seen square watermelons. .. you’ve got me curious 🙂

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