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Saved One that I don’t Want to See Go the Way of the DoDo Bird

May 27, 2013

Yesterday I picked up a window well cover to make sure that the drain wasn’t clogged with leaves. There weren’t any leaves in the bottom, instead I found an American Garden Toad trapped in a hopeless situation. Like a cruel trick the toad was lured in by a place that seemed like it had everything it would ever need to survive. Shade, moisture, and probably a few insects were the bait, and sadly it took it. As a kid I can remember saving hundreds of trapped leopard frogs from a similar fate. After doing a little bit of research I found that leopard frogs have gone missing from a lot of the areas I used to find them in. I really can’t even remember the last time I saw or heard one.

Toads, Frogs, and all amphibians are like benchmarks for the health of ecosystems. Unfortunately, the things that they are telling us about the places they live aren’t very good. Their unique permeable skin makes them highly susceptible to even the slightest deviation in conditions. Everything from pesticides to climate change has been blamed, but whatever the cause(s) the tipping point of an unfixable situation has most likely been passed. The only hope now for a lot of these species is that the remaining wild survivors can be breed in captivity and released in protected areas sometime in the future when the earth stabilizes, or gets rid of most of us. I wish there were something more we could do. The spring will seem awfully quiet without them.

American Garden Toad

American Garden Toad

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