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Nature Bats Last

May 23, 2013

Nature Bats Last

There is a growing movement that I’m part of that I believes there is going to be a change in our world very soon that will eliminate a good deal of us, maybe even some of you reading this blog posting.  Industrial society has given us so much ease in our life that we sometimes look at work (especially when it comes to food) as something that needs to be done away with.  We are apparently so impressed with our own genius that some believe we are heading towards inventing away any need to lift a finger for anything.  If there were unlimited natural resources it would be possible to simply worship the throne of the infinite growth paradigm a little longer and let the wonders of modern science take care of everything.  Clean renewable energy for all is right around the corner, right?  No it’s not, and If you aren’t already awake than I’d like you to know that these myths are simply not going to come to fruition.

Labor reduction has been the theme of this new millennium as downsizing has become common place.  This thought of getting more for doing less will not apply to the new world of scarcity.  In fact, those that make it through the transition will find that laboring on the land is the very thing that will reconnect them all.  I encourage anyone reading this to go out and try it, you will look at your salad in a whole different light.  Resource hogs won’t quite make it either as hoarding will simply lead to a dead end meaningless existence.  What I’m getting at here is that the small transition towns popping up all over the world now share one thing in common. EVERYONE must contribute something to the community for it to work!  Imagine that, no free hand outs.

Guy McPherson’s website I listed above is a resource for those seeking various truths about where we are headed.  They aren’t for everybody, some may even be offended at his assertion that the only way for the human species to survive is to bring about the rapid collapse of the industrial economy.  I share this view, I just wish that it wouldn’t hurt anyone I know and love (not likely.)  I hope that instead of getting angry at me, you’ll look in the mirror and try to start making some changes in your life that will prepare you for what’s to come.  Guy is featured in a film I just purchased called “Somewhere in New Mexico Before the End of Time.”  It’s a showcase of people in the transition movement who are already existing off the land, using what our earth provided for them pre-industrial era. I will follow up on this after I view the film.  Good luck to all.

Guy McPherson Blog Pic

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