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Farmhouse Coming to Evanston!

May 21, 2013
This is the future if we're going to survive.

This is the future if we’re going to survive.

Farmhouse Coming to Evanston!

I applied for a job here today and will be doing a “test run” next Monday at the Chicago location.  The theme is local local local!  When possible, every ingredient is sourced from as close to their location as possible.  I met the owners, they are very nice and seem to have a mind for keeping this place a well oiled machine.  They are opening up another location in Evanston that is much closer and  more practical for me to work at.  Seems like a good fit for a guy set on fixing the food system.  Oh yeah, and they have a rooftop garden.  Restaurants like this may be the only ones that make it in the long run.  Relocalization is going to be key with $300 a barrel oil.

  1. Yes, so excited to have this place nearby-hope you get in there!

    • I hope so too, it goes along with everything I’ve come to care about. I hope it evolves into a lead gardener/farmer position!

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