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The Big Fix

May 19, 2013

I watched a very sad but necessary documentary last night about the true impact that the deep water horizon disaster had on the Gulf of Mexico. Between the environmental damage that was covered up, the human suffering that is still taking place, the bribing of researchers, and the possible murder of peak oil theorist Matthew Simmons I’m not sure if there’s a crime they committed that stands out as the worst. They’re all unforgivable to put it mildly. What’s clear is that all of that oil did not simply go away because we capped the leaking well head. In fact, the oil dispersant they used called COREXIT formed an even deadlier combination of chemicals that have made me vow to never eat seafood from the gulf again. I know I’m hurting the local fisherman who lost their livelihoods by saying things like this, but it’s just too far gone to ever trust again. The coverage was rigged, the science is bought, and if you don’t believe me see for yourself. Along with Fukishima, I now have two reasons to get into aquaculture fish farming.

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