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This Describes My Three Hour DMV Experience Yesterday

May 15, 2013

This didn’t work for my brain, the programming failed to condition me. Maybe this is why I couldn’t ever sit still in class, constantly stared out the window, and was always in trouble as a kid. The solution was to diagnose me with ADD, feed me amphetamines, and call me an outcast. That didn’t work either!



One Comment
  1. You are spot on!
    We’ve got the ‘homeschooled’ kids down the block from me & I chat sometimes with the mom. She has taught her kids how to do all the things this video states kids don’t get taught. I think they will be better off for getting homeschooled. I think the problem lies with the parents! THEY are the ones that should be teaching the kids basic accounting, car repair, sewing, how to invest money, read contracts… But, no. Parents think the schools will do it. Again, I think people should think a lot harder about having kids b/4 they have them. If 1 parent can’t be home, full-time, why have children if some daycare person is going to raise your children??? Ridiculous, I think.
    You are like me, I either got F’s or A’s depending on the school topic.
    We’re you able to conclude your visits to the DMV?
    This is another reason I don’t want to change my maiden name to married name.

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