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The DMV, Today A Second Attempt at Changing My Driver’s License

May 14, 2013

The DMV, Today A Second Attempt at Changing My Driver’s License

When searching google for the DMV I found this link.  I thought it was only appropriate to blog about this since my last couple posts have been on the more serious side.  I dread going here, I’ve only been in and out once in my entire life.  There’s always some rule or form that hasn’t been addressed or fulfilled, there’s always some way to get you back!  I think it’s great that senior citizens have a special line but let’s be honest.  They’re only given this concession in order to quell their anger at having to go their for the twentieth time in their life!  These places represent all that is soulless and wrong with Western culture and I pray that I can be in and out in an hour.  Let’s see how it goes.  The whole page is funny,  but I found the paragraph below to be the best part.  Read on.


The DMV is a place where normal people are forced (on a yearly basis) to go and have pieces of their souls ripped out. Usually placed in a very inconvenient part of town, DMVs usually populate strip malls and abandoned McDonalds buildings. DMVs also are full of the most foul minded people ever placed on the earth. It is as if somebody with a twisted sense of humor took every fat, angry, old lady and then shoved them into one place…and then made a law where you must visit them once a year or face criminal charges.

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