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Libertarian and Lightning Rod

May 10, 2013

Cody Wilson, a 25 year old who began printing lower receivers for the AR-15 on a 3-D printer, has come to be a very controversial figure as of late. I happen to be a fan of his because if we don’t have guys like this challenging the status quo, than America is truly dead. This was a nation that developed out of pushing back against a tyrannical world power to declare our independence (it is looking more and more like we have become the tyrannical power.) The men who started this process of dissent would today be labeled terrorists, rebels, and who knows what else. There were a lot of reasons these men succeeded in expelling the British, one of them was the fact that they had arms. When we finally did become our own autonomous state with its own rules, the second most important issue to our founders was the right to bare arms.

Now since “the year of the gun” comments regarding all of the mass shootings that took place in 2012 there has been a lot of emotion from both sides of the argument. I’ve seen numerous facebook and social media comments that offer a “things were much different then” argument. I’ve also seen people who say things like “come and try to take mine!” Even though I side with the latter, I have to listen to the other side’s point of view. Yes, I can agree that things were different here as we turned towards the 1800’s. I also can agree that taking something away once you’ve granted access for so long is a tough sell.

I think that this 3-D gun and all traditionally manufactured firearms aren’t really what’s to blame for all of the violence. Our culture of disconnectedness breeds sickness amongst the individuals. Human beings today breathe less fresh air, spend very little time outdoors, live very sedentary lives, have little social interaction, and have basically been turned into worker bees. I don’t know how people in corporate America do it, I tried and failed at being able to fool myself for very long in this type of setting. It literally drove me crazy!

Yesterday, while I watched the movie Office Space for the hundredth time something occurred to me. What Cody Wilson is to America, Peter Gibbons was to Initech. Peter freaked out because his monotonous daily routine drove him insane. He looked for change, happiness, and something that didn’t resemble yesterday and the day before it. Cody Wilson hasn’t freaked out, but he has sought to change the paradigm by shaking things up and forcing us out of our comfort zone with this issue. His ideas certainly upset the status quo.

Admittedly I am reaching on that analogy. The fact is that every one of these freaks that loaded up and went into a public place to kill had no business having a gun in the first place. If someone had conducted a proper mental health evaluation on any one the recent mass murderers they would have deemed them unfit to own or carry. California is trying to do something about this, but it’s California (good luck.) The system is flawed for tracking things like assault weapons. And why do we need to single out one type of weapon? You are already required to show an ID to purchase any item, how do they not know who has them? Many in the state of California were reluctant to put themselves on a list of assault weapon owners because previous unpopular measures have sought to confiscate these guns from the very people that chose to play ball with the regulatory bodies. The saga continues.

Even though Cody Wilson uploaded the blueprints to sites where they were downloaded over 100,000 times, he has not sold a single lower receiver. I think he is smart enough to see that even with the proper permission in the form of a Federal Firearms License he would wind up in custody and be caught up in legal battles for a good portion of his adult life. How our government ultimately reacts to this controversial new technology remains to be seen. The fact is, you are in no more danger today with those 100,000 downloads taking place than you were before.

You’ll be told you are in grave danger from the 3-D gun, but in think that is part of the problem. People need to be told what’s good or bad for them nowadays. We’ve lost our survival instincts and identity and that is the saddest part of our story. Innovations like this prove that the power still lies in the hands of the people. The choices we all make impact those in power just as much as their rules impact us. “What lies behind this mask is an idea, and ideas are bullet proof.”

Parting Words – Not all of you that read this will agree, and that’s okay. Don’t hate me for standing up for freedoms you may someday wish you never gave up!

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  1. I agree. Now where is my TPS report?

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