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It’s Here!

May 9, 2013

It's Here!

Finally! Learning a language has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It’s actually possible now that I’ve gotten my Rosetta Stone lessons 1-5 in the mail yesterday. I took Spanish in junior high and high school, but it was so rigid and unnatural learning it from a text-book. Also, all my friends and I could always speak English between ourselves in class (Sorry Mrs. Verbeke.) Again in college I took Spanish, but it was only to fulfill credits in my final year. Taking the equivalent of Spanish 1, 2, and 3 in six weeks over a summer is not the way to absorb anything and have it stick. What was I thinking?

Having a second language, especially one that will probably be spoken by the majority of our county someday soon, is valuable for several reasons. First, it helps with employment. Being able to transcend cultures by communicating in two tongues is something that can catapult you to the top of a candidate list. Second, you can travel abroad and have some idea of what’s going on with your surroundings. There is no better way to fall into a bad situation or be taken advantage of as a tourist than to not speak the language. Third, once you can communicate and receive thoughts and ideas differently, you see can see the world differently. Broaden your horizons as they say.

I hope that by the end of the summer I’m able to write a blog in Spanish. The program teaches you through imagery. Just like when you were a baby picking things up and pointing at things, recreating this scenario is familiar for our brain. We take to it well and I’ve yet to hear anything bad about Rosetta Stone. Currently, the company’s largest customer is the state department. Can you believe it? Our government actually found something that isn’t a waste of all of our money. That is a first!

BTW- they are offering a 25% discount through that extends until May 14th.


  1. I agree, being bi-lingual is helpful, but I sure hope we continue to speak English here! I’m a proponent of labeling our countries language ‘English’, as believe it or not, we don’t have an official language here in the US!! In Illinois it IS the language & thusly, no tax payer money is supposed to be used for the printing of bilingual material, yet it still happens. I’m currently learning sign language. You’ll have to update us readers on how the Rosetta stone programs go, as from what I hear, they aren’t cheap.

    • I agree that English should be and should remain to be our native language since it has been used from the beginning. I’m learning Spanish to go with a trend for once in my life! I feel like it will make me more employable, and I’d like to travel South someday. If the shit hits the fan here (kind of seems inevitable,) or we snap into a mini ice age (also seems inevitable) I think some of the equitorial nations would be a nice place to be. Maybe the only place to be!

      It was $375 with the coupon, came with the headset and microphone, and if you finish it in 3 months you don’t have to buy any additional access to the online games etc. that make the learning process a little more fun and practical. The only downside, is that I had to upgrade my software because this laptop is ancient. Starting soon.

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