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All She Wants is Answers

May 8, 2013

All She Wants is Answers

The people in charge of this country are liars, con artists, and cheats.  It has been this way for a while and  a story like this really brings it into the forefront the way we are viewed around the world.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a democrat or a republican, believing in the dichotomy means that you have fallen for the illusion of choice.  There is no choice that is good, that should be plain to see by now for all of you Obama fanatics that cheered as he spoke of all the change that we could believe in.

This is business as usual for our government, half truths followed up by partial admissions of shortcomings that don’t ever really seem to end up with someone being punished.  It appears for the first time in my adult life that the fabric of the bullshit is finally unweaving (I would be saying the same thing no matter what political party currently held office.)  The fact is, four Americans are dead because of incompetence and a presidential election that was going on at the time of the events in Benghazi (September 11, 2012.)

From what I’ve been able to piece together, there was a marine expeditionary force stationed very close by.  Close enough to have crushed the folks outside with very little effort, maybe not even boots on the ground.  There was also advanced warning that the mob or revolutionaries as we call them, were hostile.  This should have been evident enough when they blew up the gate two weeks before.  The truth is probably a mix of things we don’t know yet, coupled with political agendas taking priority over lives.

I don’t want to go too far here, but it seems like the Obama administration had Ambassador Stevens there for a reason that they are keeping very close.  Maybe a shadow war was being conducted?  Maybe these same rebels that turned on us were the very people we armed to take down Gaddafi?  He was trying to get African nations off the dollar and onto the yet to be created Dinar.  This would not be something you’d want coming to light a mere two months before the sheep were supposed to take to the polls to vote.  Who knows if we’ll ever find out the truth.  What I do know is that it is getting harder and harder for politicians to pave over the information that is becoming available to us.  The internet is a double edged sword for people of power.  They love to use it to spy on us, but it sure is a pain in the ass when people start doing their research!

  1. Yup. We live in a corrupt world & in the worst state! I’m saving to go retire in Bora Bora, or some small island!

    • Agreed, Illinois is just awash in morons and corruption. I like Lake County, it’s just that you can’t do anything anywhere in this state without Chicago politicians getting their two cents first. Never been anywhere with so much red tape, and I lived in California!

      • It interesting to have lived in other states to appreciate the quirkiness of other states. I lived in FL for 5 years… Try to get anything done in a state with no state income tax. Kinda nice, as you only pay for what you need, but talk about double-sided red tape! Yikes!! At least corruption was not in the headlines daily. CA, beautiful, beautiful state. Had relatives there & have been there a lot. Don’t think you could pay me to live there… They’ve got enough issues among them immigration. But, then again, IL has the 2nd largest Mexican population in the US. Yes, at least we are in Lake County & not Cook or should I say ‘Crook County’!

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